The Election Isn’t Over: B Corp Coalition Wants You To Vote Every Day

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If you thought the election was over, forget that, and not just because recounts and litigation continue in Florida and Georgia. In a first-of-its-kind digital campaign breaking today, a coalition of B Corporation brands is making the point that people can vote every day with their purchases.

B Corps are businesses that meet standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit with these other considerations. The “Vote Every Day” campaign from Fortnight Collective brings together 25 B Corps, including Unilever units Seventh Generation, Ben & Jerry’s and Sundial Brands (which qualify individually, though Unilever as a whole still doesn’t) with Danone North America, Cabot, Patagonia, Amalgamated Bank, Kickstarter, Leesa, Athleta and others.

The B Corp group has been looking for ways to spread the word about what they do, says Seventh Generation CEO Joey Bergstein, and Seventh Generation is among members who put the B Corp logo on packaging and participate in joint displays at Amazon’s Whole Foods, among other things.

“The ‘Vote Every Day’ idea I think was just such a nice and smart way to help people understand that they can with every dollar they spend vote with their values,” he says.

Bergstein believes B Corp can become as recognizable as “fair trade,” “organic” or other certifications in the marketplace. “The B Corp certification is so meaningful,” he says, “because unlike a lot of single-issue certifications, this one speaks holistically to business practices.”


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